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Top-track Safety Pool Covers

Automatic Safety Covers

Automatic Top-track pool covers can be fitted to many pools whether existing or new-build.

They are suitable for both rectangular and free-form pools and offer a lot of advantages to pool-owners and operators.



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The Capcover closes your pool hermetically and prevents accidents involving children or pets falling into water.

The cover is continuously in contact with the water of your pool. This means that it can bear the weight of several people.

Capcover is very easy and handy to use thanks to a key used to open and close it. Additionally, the key prevents unauthorised access to the pool by children.

The Capcover complies with the most stringent Safety Standards in Europe and USA and is guaranteed for 2 years.

The use of this type of cover reduces dust, leaves and other elements falling into the pool, so that cleaning time can be reduced to a minimum.

The cover also prevents the growth of algae and microorganisms; i.e. the water of your pool will not turn green.

Additionally, Capcover performs the same function as a floating or Winter cover; it prevents evaporation of the pool water, keeps the pool warmer and reduces the amount of chemicals required to keep the pool sanitised.

The best time to install one of these beauties is right from the beginning, during the build, when provision can be made to install the tracks and pit; hidden away below ground and under the pool coping. Having said that, Capcovers can be retro-fitted to most pools.

Options for existing pools

There are a variety of options available for existing pools: installing the tracks on the pool coping or retro-fitting them beneath the coping, excavating a pit to house the roller mechanism or installing a box or bench to house it in.

Capcover Housing BenchCapcovers deploy and retract in under a minute and are typically operated by a switch-key or a remote control.

No matter how the cover is operated, the control must be situated well out of the reach of kids so they cannot open or close the pool on their own. Our Powertrak Capcovers are offered with a manual winding mechanism and are quite a lot cheaper than the electrically operated models.

Capcovers are classified as Safety Covers.

It's possible to walk across the pool when the cover is deployed but, in the interests of safety, this should not be encouraged.

Remember that, although this type of cover can bear the combined weight of many people, it is not a toy or a playground.

Children, adults or pets should never be enticed or encouraged to walk or play on a cover.

Covers that have collected a pool of rainwater are serious drowning hazards, unless the rainwater is removed. Covers of this type are prone to collecting rainwater and this must be removed by an automatic cover-pump, as soon as it appears. Rainwater can be pumped directly back into the pool, where it will help to delay TDS and TA problems and keep the pool topped-up.

A suiable cover pump is supplied with each cover.


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