Pool Safety Spain

Pool Fences

Swimming Pool Safety Fences are an important element in the ‘layers of protection’ around your pool.

Frequently referred to as simply ‘pool fences’, they have been a major factor in reducing child drowning in private pools worldwide.

France is the only country in Europe that has LAWS about fitting a safety fence, or other safety barrier, around a privately-owned pool, and these laws have dramatically reduced the number of drowning fatalities in French swimming pools.

All other European countries are due to implement the same set of laws in 2018, when it will become mandatory to have some form of security around a swimming pool.

There are also additional benefits to owning a pool fence that are not so immediately obvious:

A pool fence cuts down on the amount of leaves and other debris that gets blown into the pool and helps to keep the pool area tidier

This reduction of leaves, etc. in the pool reduces the time needed to net the pool, reduces the need to vacuum the pool quite so often and slightly reduces pool chemicals consumption

Pets will be far less likely to fall into the pool, and wild animals that are seeking a drink will have to look elsewhere - a pool safety fence will keep the majority of wild creatures out of the pool - even birds, astonishingly!

If there is no barrier to the water a child or pet could accidentally fall into the pool and drown whilst supervising adults are distracted.

Swimming Pool Safety Fences are an excellent and effective form of ‘passive protection’ for your pool. The installation of a Safety Fence is effective against the accidental drowning of adults, children, toddlers, babies, family pets and wild animals. They should be fitted with a self-closing / self-locking gate mechanism, approved to International Safety Standards.

The fence poles are fitted into toe-friendly sockets, allowing fast, easy removal and replacement.