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Anti Slip Treatment for tiles


The young man in the image on the right has slipped on the wet tiles of the pool surround and is about to fall into the pool.

He won't fall in immediately, because first he is going to smash his head on the brick pool-surround, possibly rendering him unconscious. THEN he will fall into the pool. If not rescued immediately he may drown.

Falls are very common.

258,000 people 258,000 people aged over 65 years were admitted to hospital in the USA for fractured hip injuries alone in 2010.

A fall was a factor in over 95% of these injuries, usually a sideways fall onto the hip.

20% of people who fracture a hip die within 12 months of the accident. That is a frightening statistic. Just plain scary!

Anti-Slip TreatmentAnti-slip treatment - How does it work?

All stone and mineral based floor surfaces contain small amounts of Silica.

Our Anti-slip treatment causes a chemical reaction with the floor material and dissolves a tiny amount of the silica on the surface.

This creates vast numbers of microscopic indentations in the surface.

This has the desired effect of creating a 'tread' that is semi-permanent. The indentations sit just below the level of the surface and are so small that the treatment cannot be felt or seen .

When the surface becomes wet for any reason (for example by swimmers leaving a pool, from floor-cleaning, adverse weather, garden sprinklers, food/drink spillages, etc.) the tiny, shallow indentations fill with liquid.

The liquid is squeezed out by foot-pressure and the indentations are transformed into thousands of tiny 'suction cups'!

The suction cups now act as a vacuum between the wet floor and pedestrians' feet (even bare feet!), giving an anti-slip grip that dramatically reduces the problem of wet, slippery floors .

Application time is around 10-20 minutes, depending on floor or tile surface material, after which the treatment residues are rinsed off with cold, fresh tap-water.

The surface is ready to use immediately with minimal disruption and will act effectively as an anti-slip treatment for up to 5 years with a single application.

We have 3 grades of treatment:

Concrete, Cement Floors and similar.

Industrial Grade - Tiled Floors, Ceramics, Mosaic, Granite, Slate, Marble, Terrazzo,  Porcelain or Enamel Bathtubs etc.

Porcelain Grade - Porcelain Tiles, Regular and Fine Stone.

Wood decking treatment

Applying Antislip

Our Anti-Slip Sealer for wood floors is a colourless, water-based lacquer offering the dual benefits of excellent abrasion resistance and very quick drying time: - meaning there is minimum disruption.

Hard-wearing enough for Commercial Applications, our coating contains microscopic Polymer Beads and achieves a rating of 'Low Slip-Potential'.

Anti-Slip Sealer is suitable for treating wooden decking, laminate flooring, ceramics, tiles, vinyl, etc.

It is widely used in Offices, Schools, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Sports Halls and Gymnasiums, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Showrooms, Hair Salons, Factories, Public Service Buildings, – or just about any hard-floored spacethat you can imagine.

We thoroughly recommend Anti-Slip Sealer for pool/garden terraces and decking.

Drying time is approx. 30 minutes. A second coat, if required, can be applied after approx. 2 hrs, depending on air temperatures.

Available in Matt, Satin and Gloss finish.